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摘要:{if ! $delete){foreach ($value as $suboption =$subvalue){$this-{$option}["$suboption"] =$subvalue;}}else{$this-$option = $value;}}}}}// these are thefunctions, which are intended to be overriden in user classes/****@parammixed* @returnobjec

{if && ! $delete){foreach ($value as $suboption => $subvalue){$this->{$option}["$suboption"] = $subvalue;}}else{$this->$option = $value;}}}}}// these are the functions, which are intended to be overriden in user classes/**** @parammixed* @returnobjectDomNode* @accessprivate*/function insertNewResult{if return $this->xmlroot->new_child($this->tagNameResult, NULL);else{$this->xmlroot = $this->xmldoc->add_root;//PHP 4.0.6 had $root->name as tagname, check for that here...if (!isset($this->xmlroot->{$this->tagname})){$this->tagname = "name";}return $this->xmlroot;}}/***to be written** @paramobject DomNode $parent_row* @parammixed $res* @parammixed $key* @parammixed &metadata* @returnobject DomNode* @access private*/function insertNewRow($parent_row, $res, $key, &$metadata){return$parent_row->new_child($this->tagNameRow, Null);}/***to be written** @paramobject DomNode $parent* @parammixed $res* @parammixed $key* @parammixed &$metadata* @parammixed &$subrow* @returnobject DomNode* @access private*/function insertNewElement($parent, $res, $key, &$metadata, &$subrow){return$parent->new_child($metadata[$key]["name"], $this->xml_encode;}/***to be written** @parammixed $key* @parammixed $value* @parammixed &$metadata* @access private*/function addTableInfo($key, $value, &$metadata) {}// end functions, which are intended to be overriden in user classes// here come some helper functions.../*** make utf8 out of the input data and escape & with & and "< " with "< "* (we assume that when there's no space after < it's a tag, which we need in the xml)*I'm not sure, if this is the standard way, but it works for me.** @paramstring text to be utfed.* @access private*/function xml_encode {if (function_exists && isset && isset{ini_set;$text = iconv($this->encoding_from,$this->encoding_to,ereg_replace("&","&",ereg_replace;if {if {$errormsg = "error: $php_errormsg";}else{$errormsg = "undefined iconv error, turn on track_errors in php.ini to get more details";}return PEAR::raiseError($errormsg,Null,PEAR_ERROR_DIE);}else {return $text;}}else{//$text = utf8_encode(ereg_replace("&","&",ereg_replace;$text = trim(ereg_replace("&","&",ereg_replace;//echo $text;}return $text;}//taken from kc@hireability.com at There seemed to be no built in function that would merge two arrays recursively and clobber*any existing key/value pairs. Array_Merge() is not recursive, and array_merge_recursive*seemed to give unsatisfactory results... it would append duplicate key/values.**So here's a cross between array_merge and array_merge_recursive**//**** @paramarray first array to be merged* @paramarray second array to be merged* @returnarray merged array* @access private*/function array_merge_clobber{if !is_array return false;$newarray = $a1;while = each{if && is_array{$newarray[$key] = $this->array_merge_clobber($newarray[$key], $val);}else{$newarray[$key] = $val;}}return $newarray;}/*** Adds a xml string to $this->xmldoc.* It's inserted on the same level as a "normal" resultset, means just as a children of * if a xpath expression is supplied, it takes that for selecting only part of the xml-file** the clean code works only with php 4.0.7* for php4.0.6 :* I found no cleaner method than the below one. it's maybe nasty (xmlObject->string->xmlObject),*but it works. If someone knows how to add whole DomNodes to another one, let me know...** @paramstring xml string* @parammixed xpatheither a string with the xpath expression or an array with "xpath"=>xpath expressionand "root"=tag/subtag/etc, which are the tags to be inserted before the result* @access private*/function doXmlString2Xml ($string,$xpath = Null){//check if we have a recent domxml. otherwise use the workaround...$version = explode;if (! ($version[0] <= 4 and $version[1] <= 0 and $version[2] < 7) ){if {if ){$root = $xpath["root"];}$xpath = $xpath["xpath"];}$tmpxml = xmldoc;$subroot = $this->xmlroot;if {$roots = explode;foreach ($roots as $rootelement){if > 0 ){$subroot = $subroot->new_child;}}}//$this->xmlroot->addchild does some strange things when added nodes from xpath.... so this comment helps out$newchild = $subroot->add_child($this->xmldoc->create_comment("the purpose of this comment is a workaround in sql2php.php line ".__LINE__));// if no xpath is given, just take the whole fileif {$newchild->append_child;}else{$xctx = $tmpxml->xpath_new_context();$xnode = xpath_eval;foreach ($xnode->nodeset as $node){$newchild->append_child;}}}else {$MainXmlString = $this->xmldoc->dumpmem();$string = preg_replace("//","",$string);$MainXmlString =


preg_replace("/xmlroot->{$this->tagname}.">/",$string."".$this->xmlroot->{$this->tagname}.">",$MainXmlString);$this->xmldoc = xmldoc;$this->xmlroot = $this->xmldoc->root();}}/*** sets the encoding for the db2xml transformation* @paramstring $encoding_from encoding to transform from* @paramstring $encoding_to encoding to transform to* @access public*/function setEncoding ($encoding_from = "ISO-8859-1", $encoding_to ="UTF-8"){$this->encoding_from = $encoding_from;$this->encoding_to = $encoding_to;}/*** @param array $parentTables parent to child relation* @access public*/function SetParentTables{foreach ($parentTables as $table => $parent){$table_info["parent_table"][$table]=$parent;}$this->SetOptions(array("user_tableInfo"=>$table_info));}/*** returns the content of the first match of the xpath expression** @paramstring $expr xpath expression* @returnmixed content of the evaluated xpath expression* @accesspublic*/function getXpathValue {$xpth = $this->xmldoc->xpath_new_context();$xnode = xpath_eval;if (isset {$firstnode = $xnode->nodeset[0];$children = $firstnode->children();$value = $children[0]->content;return $value;}else{return Null;}}/*** get the values as an array from the childtags from the first match of the xpath expression** @paramstring xpath expression* @returnarray with key->value of subtags* @accesspublic*/function getXpathChildValues {$xpth = $this->xmldoc->xpath_new_context();$xnode = xpath_eval;if (isset {foreach ($xnode->nodeset[0]->children{$children = $child->children();$value[$child->{$this->tagname}] = $children[0]->content;}return $value;}else{return Null;}}}?>